Newsletter – January 2012

Happy New Year to all! Here in Melbourne we’re in the middle of our first heatwave for the summer and knitting is probably the furthest thing from most people’s minds. For me it is one of the most enjoyable times of the year. On hot days I try to get to all those niggling “inside” jobs that I have been putting off most of the year like sorting out cupboards in my study and generally editing the mess that seems to develop. By the afternoon I’m ready for a quiet sit down in front of the TV with the cricket/tennis and my latest project. In the hotter months it is easier to knit/crochet small light projects that are quick and pleasant to do and don’t require a great deal of effort. Lace projects are a particular favourite as they are light, fast to knit and actually do not require a great deal of concentration once you have done the pattern a few times. Currently I’m knitting a lace scarf that is in the current edition of  Kntting – Back to Basics Vol.2. It is the Zig Zag Scarf on page 50 and is knitted in various shades of Lite Inca. Woolybutt does sell Lite Inca (an 8 ply) but I wanted a summer scarf that would be a little bit dressy. I’m knitting the same pattern but in Sublime Silk Tussaud in a glorious pale blue. As the silk is an 8ply I have not had to modify the pattern at all and knitted all in one colour it comes out looking quite different from the one in the magazine. A friend of mine ( a keen crocheter) was heading for the beach these holidays and asked me if there was anything she could make for the Shop as she gets bored sitting on the beach all day watching the kids. I happily gave her the cute little girl’s sun hat to make using the Woolybutt pattern and 8ply Heirloom Cotton. This particular pattern is due to appear in the September edition of Yarn magazine and is a very versatile pattern as the hat can be made in either wool or cotton although I personally prefer cotton.

As part of the Summer in the City Festival  the Bali Twilight Taggers/Yarn Corner have been invited by the City of Melbourne to “yarn bomb” a corner of Federation Square. It is all happening on the weekend of the 21st/22nd of January and the schedule is as follows: Installation Day Saturday 21st – 9am to 5pm (the Installation will be up for one month). Workshop Day Sunday 22nd – 11am to 2pm. The Workshop Schedule is: 11- 11.30am   Kids Learn to Knit (Knitting Nancye) 11.30 – 12.30  Learn to Knit 12.30 – 1pm    Learn to Yarn Bomb 1 -2           Learn to Crochet Woolybutt is a proud sponsor of this event and it should be a lot of fun so if you haven’t got anything planned make a note in your diary and come along and join in!

Woolybutt will re-open on Monday 16th of January and will be trading normal hours for the rest of the year i.e. 10am – 5pm Monday to Friday and 10am until 1pm on a Saturday. Knitting and crochet classes will begin on Tuesday 7th of February and will be held every Tuesday and Saturday mornings from then on from 10am until 12.30pm. If you wish to join a class please phone the Shop and let us know so that we can hold a place for you. Happy and “cool” knitting, Lorraine

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