Newsletter – December 2011

Another year is drawing to a close and final decisions have to be made about winter yarns for next year. Fairisle and cables seem to be the big fashion statements for the approaching winter so if you want to get a little ahead make some time in the coming holidays  to pick up your needles and brush up your skills on both techniques. It is with some relief that I report that most of the new patterns only have touches of Fairisle, a few lines above the hem or cuffs or around the yoke so you don’t have to be a yarn juggling expert to get the look.

If you need some ideas for last minute gifts, pop into the shop and have a browse. We now stock an incredible number of “tape” yarns and scarves knitted in them make gorgeous and relatively inexpensive gifts with the added bonus that they are fairly quick to do. The following tape yarns are currently in stock: Sashay (full range of colours), Sole, Triana, Triana Lux, Rico, Park Avenue and Can Can. The prices range from $6.49 (Sashay) through to $27 (Park Avenue). Park Avenue is so expensive because it has a percentage of Kid Mohair in it which makes for a truly luxurious scarf.

A very exciting yarn has arrived at Woolybutt. We now stock Angora and the supply will be regular so if you want to knit something extra special for a little one come in and get some! The colours are white, cream, blue and pink and the price is very reasonable for such a scarce yarn ($17.95). Also with every ball of Angora sold a free pattern featuring seamless Angora baby bootees will be included.

People have been asking me for a pattern for a Baby Headband that would be quick to knit and use up bits of baby wool from other projects so here it is: Baby Headband Fits a baby 0 –3 months Yarn: Dk or 8ply – 2 colours Needle size: 4mm knitting needles, a 3.75mm crochet hook Instructions: using colour 1  cast on 69 stitches using thumb method. Ist row: knit 3, purl 2 across row. 2nd row: change to colour 2 and knit rib pattern (as in Row 1) across row. Knit in rib pattern for another 6 rows. 9th row: change back to colour 1 and knit rib 10th row: cast off in colour 1. Join ends using mattress stitch but very close to the edges to prevent a big seam. Flower: using colour 2 and 4mm needles cast on 10 stitches Row 1 – knit across row slipping every second stitch knitwise on needle. Row 2 – purl across all stitches on needle Repeat Rows 1 & 2 ten times, cut yarn leaving a 5cm “tail”. Take a wool sewing needle thread the tail then run the tail though all the stitches left on the needle, pull out needle and draw up stitches tight and sew off. Knit 4 more petals in this way. Take colour 1 and using the 3.75mm crochet hook do a single chain of crochet around each petal. Flower centre: using colour one and 4mm needles cast on 6 stitches Row 1: knit Row 2: knit 1, make 1 across all stitches (there should be 9 stitches) Knit the next 3 rows. Row 6: slip 1, knit 1, psso, across the row (6 stitches) Row 7: knit Row 8: cast off Using a small piece of fibre fill (toy filling) place this in the centre, thread a needle and using a running stitch around edge draw up the edges to make a little ball and sew off. Sew all 5 petals around the centre and sew the flower to the headband where the headband’s seam is.   Have a lovely Christmas and New Year and a safe and happy holiday,   Lorraine Woolybutt Knitting

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