August Newsletter

The last month of winter is here and spring and summer are fast approaching. It has been a fairly rigorous winter this year so I think many of us are looking forward to warmer days and lighter clothes! The new summer yarns and colours will start appearing in the next few weeks and the winter yarns will start their annual migration to the back of the store to be replaced with the summer cottons, bamboos and acrylics. There are a few new summer yarns but mostly there is an expansion of the colour range of true favourites like Heirloom Cotton, Sorrento and Baby Bamboo. The light bright tropical colours are going to be big over the warmer months and it will be nice to discard the blacks and greys of winter for some truly joyous hues. Two yarns are going on “Special” this coming week: Sublime Soy Cotton is marked down to $9.60 a ball and Heirloom Mohair Avignon is now $5.00 a ball (certainly worth stocking up for next winter)! Love them or loathe them scarves are still a big fashion item and the summer colours for the twirly tape yarns are now appearing. New colours of Sashay arrived last week including a glorious sunny yellow and the Katia Triana and Ondas will be in store in the next few weeks. They are incredibly easy to knit and we are happy to offer a short lesson in how-to knit them as long as the store isn’t too crowded. Instructions for most of the scarves can be found on Facebook but people often find it easier to see it in reality. They make great Christmas gifts!  Woolybutt now stocks both Addi and Knit Pro Knitting needles and crochet hooks as well as some of the kits (which do make lovely gifts).

Current Projects: nearing the end of the Cleckheaton Angora Silk cardigan and about half way through the Perfect Day jumper, then I’m planning something for me!

Happy Knitting until next month






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