July/August Newsletter

This month is a combined Newsletter as I have not been too well being hit with the usual late winter bronchitis. As a result I haven’t been in the Shop too often but on a brighter note I have gotten a lot of knitting done!

I went to the Bendigo Wool and Sheep Show last month and despite it being an extremely cold and wet weekend I had fun catching up with people and seeing what was on offer. It was lovely to chat to the Tailored Strands people and see their gorgeous range of Alpaca all set out in one place. Another fun person with an absolutely amazing display of gorgeous yarn was Charly McCafferty with her Ixchel bunny fibres. I was particularly impressed with her blends, angora with camel, angora with silk etc. and all in the most heavenly colours. The yarns seem to come in small amounts, enough for scarves, handwarmers etc. and I hope to stock some of these glorious fibres fairly soon. I know we are still in the depths of winter but Woolybutt is now gearing up for the coming summer months. Fans of Panda’s Cotton Blend will be interested to hear that it is now Patons Cotton Blend and the range has been expended to include some delicious bright colours. There is also a new pattern book to accompany the yarn, all of which should be available later this month. There are also new colours on offer in the Regal range of cotton and some lovely new baby yarns will also be arriving.

I must apologise to all those who have put their names down for our Knitting and Crochet classes. We have a considerable waiting list and are currently taking steps to resolve this and people on the waiting list should be hearing from us soon about this. Those of you who have been in the Shop lately will have noticed that we have undertaken some refurbishment. The Knitting needle and crochet hook section has been expanded considerably making it a lot easier to find sizes. We still stock zips and Gutermann thread but have moved these displays into one of the back rooms. In the coming months a few more changes will be made which hopefully will improve the shopping experience at Woolybutt.

Current projects: finishing a poncho from the Patons “How to Knit” book and working on a Katia cardigan for Zoe.

Happy knitting until next month