June Newsletter

I’m a bit late this month with the Newsletter as a combination of illness and being really busy at the Shop have kept me away from the keyboard! Winter has arrived with all the unpredictability that only a Melbourne winter can provide. Today I was outside tidying up our garage and the temperature was quite pleasant but apparently it will plummet as the week wears on which is good news for all the Ski Bunnies out there! I’m now taking the rest of the day off to do some knitting and a hot cup of tea (after this of course)!

One of the things being given prominence in the News today was the Yarn bombing of a Melbourne street. I’m really in two minds about this. I love the bright “in your face” objects that get yarn bombed – a bench outside Readings in Carlton was done a while back and everytime I passed it, it made me smile. I also subscribe to the idea that any publicity is good publicity particularly when it comes to knitting and crochet but (and here it comes),¬† I was brought up fairly frugally and my Nana who was a far better knitter than I will ever be constantly checked out the Op. Shops for old knits. She would then undo them, rescue the best parts and wash them and her laundry was full of weighted skeins hanging from the ceiling drying. She would then knit them into jumpers and cardigans, I and my cousins would get the pick of them, the rest would go to local charities for fetes and to help out. So while I like the Yarn bombed objects I can’t help but think that all that effort and all that yarn¬†could be used more productively. Thus when I pass a Yarn bombed object part of my mind is figuring out whether the yarn used could have knitted a homeless person a warm blanket on these bitter nights.

On a lighter note Cleckheaton are running a Beanie Promotion and in the next few weeks Beanies will be blossoming all over the Woolybutt Store. Some new colours are being launched in Country 8ply at the same time, the flouro colours are excellent for anyone outdoors and I know a few bushwalkers I’ve got lined up to receive flouro beanies.

Currently there is a “wait list” for classes on a Saturday morning. Please phone the shop and ask for your name to be added to the list (and don’t forget a phone number) and we’ll call you as soon as there’s a vacancy. Also the backlog of knitting and repairs has been cleared so if you have any knitted garments that need repairing bring them in. We are also caught up on all knitting orders and are happy to accept any you may have.

Stay warm and happy knitting until next month,