April Newsletter

The cooler days are finally here and daylight saving has ended – yay! I had been getting rather tired of getting up in the morning to midwinter darkness. Another good thing about this month is that just about all the new season’s yarns have finally arrived. Rainbow colours and thicker plys seem to be the story for this winter as well as cables, cables and more cables. As I mentioned last month Australian Country Spinners (Patons, Panda, Cleckheaton and Shepherd) have started to produce much small pattern leaflets containing two to three patterns only. It’s a great idea because you don’t end up with lots of extra patterns that you don’t need or want or have the expense of  buying a large book. This week Cleckheaton’s Rainbow 8ply arrived which is a perfect companion to  their multi coloured 12ply yarn and it is accompanied by just such a leaflet featuring a very interesting scarf pattern and a simple but sweet jumper.

I have had quite a few complaints lately that this website doesn’t feature yarns. The task of  taking photos of every colour yarn that Woolybutt stocks would take months and months but what I’m going to try is to feature one sample of each yarn together with the other colour numbers that we stock in that particular yarn. Until the new website is a going concern this is the best solution to the problem that I can think of.

Classes have started. We are only running classes on a Saturday morning as there wasn’t the demand for Tuesday mornings. If you have any queries or wish to come along to the class please phone the shop on 03 9458 3101.

Last week Woolybutt donated a large number of 4mm (size 8) knitting needles and crochet hooks to the Olivia Newton John Wellness Centre. During cancer treatments many people have to sit for hours doing basically nothing and so the Centre has decided to trial “Kntting/Crochet Therapy”. Dedicated knitters and crocheters all know how meditative and relaxing our craft can be (as well as productive) and this is the idea behind the therapy. If you have any used 4mm needles or crochet hooks the Centre still needs more and/or if you can spare some time and are happy to teach or help out give them a call as I know they would love to hear from you!

Current projects: the gorgeous Katia tunic featured in the Better Home and Gardens Knitting Book this month (an attachment to the magazine). Woolybutt stocks this yarn and I just had to try it! Tackling the Crocodile crochet stitch on a sample bits of yarn – I love the scaly look of this stitch and have visions of a dragon hoodie made from it!

Happy Knitting until next month,