October Newsletter

The first days of this month have helped remind us how summer feels and on that note Woolybutt is stocked to the gills with delicious new summer yarns. Naturally cottons are in the majority but there are also some lovely blends and the colours this year reflect the sherbet colours that are in the shops. Of course there are the more neutral, traditional colours as well. One exciting new arrival is Gemini. It is a cotton based tape yarn that can be knitted as a 10ply cotton. It is gloriously soft and comes in a wide variety of colours and is one of the few 10ply cottons on the market here in Australia. Talking of scarf yarns there are lots of new colours that have arrived and with Christmas not too far off now is the time to knit up some of these as gifts!

At Woolybutt we try our best to keep our prices low year ’round which is why we don’t have sales, in fact our prices are often what are listed as “specials” in other stores so check us out first before you plunge in buying at “end of season specials” and “closing down offers”. Don’t forget we also have a Bargain Room upstairs where discontinued lines go to live and prices are even lower. We also stock an extensive collection of  vintage patterns going back to the ’30’s and 40’s. They are not displayed in the front of the shop but inhabit the “nether” regions so if you have a hard to find pattern please give us a call, if we can’t help you we will find someone who can!

Happy knitting until next month