July Newsletter

Whew it’s been a cold start to the month and Woolybutt has been very busy. A big seller this winter has been Cleckheaton’s Perfect Day. Many people have knitted the lovely Boyfriend jumper which is knitted double in the Perfect Day yarn. For people who want to knit it as an ordinary 8ply there are some gorgeous pattern books around and the softness of this yarn makes it an absolute pleasure to knit. Another lovely yarn to debut this winter is again a Cleckheaton yarn, Merino Angora Silk and the name describes the contents. The pattern book that comes with it has been a best seller as it combines the Retro aesthetic with modern techniques to produce some really stunning garments.

A reminder that Woolybutt now stocks Knit Pro as well as Addi needles. The range is gradually expanding but we do now have the interchangeable Knit Pro needles for sale individualy as well as the kits. The Noro range has also been expanded to include the Noro Silk/Wool 8ply as well as the traditional sock yarns by them.

From now on whenever any Naturally/ Filatura de Crosa yarns are purchased a free pattern will come with the yarn. These patterns have been available to members on the website but permission has recently been given to offer them as part of  the yarn purchase.

One of Woolybutt’s customers ,Leonie, who is a keen sock knitter has found a great way to show off the gorgeous socks she knits – clear boots! I have often thought it a great pity that the gorgeous colour and patterns of so many sock wools are hidden by heavy dull shoes. These boots solve that problem! I dont have the Internet address but if you Google “Transparent boots” the Australian website should pop up.

Happy Knitting until next month and stay warm!

Current projects: A Perfect Day dark brown jumper for my husband and a Merino Angora Vintage blend cardigan for a friend, enough to keep me busy for a while yet…..