Newsletter – March 2012

Autumn has arrived  and new colours and yarns are arriving at Woolybutt almost daily.

This coming season sees a consolidation of yarns that were introduced last year rather than completely different yarns as such. Patons has increased the colour choices for both Bluebell and Totem. Totem has a new range of “marle” wools which look good as whole garments or just knitted as a feature into plain garments. Similarly their popular baby range Dreamtime has new colours which move well away from the traditional baby colours. Heirloom has introduced a Baby 8ply which has the same softness and quality as their famous Baby 4ply but takes advantage of all the great 8ply baby patterns that are now available.

There is some confusion about the term Dk. Dk is “double knitting”. For years the standard yarn was 4ply so Dk or “double knitting” was double 4ply i.e 8ply. Whenever you are in doubt always check the ball band for the size needles required and this will indicate the ply of the yarn i.e. 4mm (old size 8) is always Dk or 8ply yarn. Many English Dk’s feel a lot thinner than Totem for example and they have a lot more meterage on the ball, this is because they are Acrylic or a blend of yarns. Some people knit them quite happily on 4mm needles although I find with some that I need to drop down one size to a 3.75mm needle to get the correct tension.

Just to confuse the issue many laceweight (1 and 2 ply) yarns specify large needles (4.5mm/5mm). This is because a light airy effect is needed not a solid material that suits a garment!

Occasionally items arrive at Woolybutt that prove to be very popular. One of these is the Embellisher. This is a modern version of  the old “Knitting Nancye”. You thread your yarn around the top then use the handle on the side to “knit” for you. A knitted I-cord is made in minutes! I have used it for 8plys but customers tell me they have used other plys on it with great success. We are currently out of stock of these but will have more by mid-March. Another item that is proving popular is fur lined leather soles for sock tops. They come in a kit form and include a pattern for either knitted or crocheted “tops” ( you supply your own yarn). I recently completed a pair in Sirdar’s Crofter which gave them a lovely Fairisle look. They are currently featured in Yarn magazine in their “Yarn Related Yummies” on page 50.


Current projects: a mid-green cardigan for granddaughter Zoe in Zara 8ply (a beautiful knitting yarn). It is to have “frog” buttons as it is going to be her “froggy” cardigan! Also two tape yarn scarves, one in bright multi-coloured Can Can for a customer and the other in delicious Park Avenue (the only tape yarn with kid mohair), for the shop.


Happy Knitting until next month,