Newsletter – February 2012

February Newsletter


The New Year is well and truly underway, schools are back and the hot weather of late summer is here!

We have been busy at Woolybutt making room for the new season’s stock which should start arriving this month and at this point of time I am, as usual, completely unsure as to what I ordered and didn’t order and it wont be until the boxes are opened that I’ll remember. I just know that there’s a lot of good exciting stuff coming.

Despite the heat people have been busy knitting and much of the knitting has been “baby stuff”.  One of my customers earlier this week told me about a baby blanket that she is currently knitting. This lady is a keen knitter and knits lots of “baby things” for friends and family. Her yarn of choice is Heirloom 4ply Baby wool and she has lots of  bits left over from various projects. She hit on the idea of knitting a 4ply Entrelac rug using her 4 ply scraps and it has been a great success. When I finish my current projects I’m going to try it and see how it goes.

Some unique bits and pieces have been arriving in the shop lately. A number of  “sheepskin” products where you combine a knitted section with the “sheepskin” to make a really warm cosy garment. There are adult slipper soles, soles for baby bootees and even a small hat section where the crown is knitted. These are really mid-winter items as they are very snuggly. The beauty of them is that they don’t take overly long to knit and so would make an ideal gift for a relative or friend shivering through the dreadful winter they are having in Europe!

Knitting and crochet classes started yesterday and the schedule is the same as last year: 10.30 to 12.30pm Tuesday and Saturday, Classes run continuously and we keep class sizes small so that you get individual tuition. Last year one of the crochet classes elected to make a friendship rug. Each person in the class chose a colour scheme and then everyone else contributed one square in those colours to each person. By the end of the year each person had a rug in their chosen colour scheme!



Happy knitting and crocheting!